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Mind maps are practical diagrams that allow you to take more efficient notes during meetings, brainstorm and flesh out ideas, plan projects and outline strategies. Once you’ve completed our two courses, Mind Mapping 101 and Getting Started with MindMeister, you’ll be a mind mapping pro!

Level Up Your Skills

Available Courses.

MindMeister: Getting Started

Get to know MindMeister’s features. Learn how to create, style, share and collaborate using mind maps.

Mind Mapping 101

Everything you need to know about working with mind maps in one comprehensive course.

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On Your Own Time


Lesson Planning with Mind Maps

From creating lessons to organizing your unit plans, learn what is possible with mind maps.

Mind Mapping for Marketers

Learn how Meister’s marketing team plans content, manages knowledge, and turns ideas into projects!

Journaling with Mind Maps

Learn how mind mapping can make personal journaling easier and more enjoyable.

One Tool, Endless Possibilities

Use Cases.

Note Taking in Class

Find out how to take more effective notes that are easy to review, update, and memorize (with sample maps!).

Strategic Planning with
Mind Maps

SWOT, AEIOU, the 4 Ps and more. We’ll show you how to use mind maps for strategic business planning.

Skill Trees

Learn how to build the best skill trees to raise your self-awareness, channel your focus, and guide your learning.

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