Map the Route to Success

Visual Project Planning.

You don’t have to be a master strategist to plan a project and achieve project success. Organize, plan and align to pull off your team’s best project yet with MindMeister.

  • Organize ideas and set S.M.A.R.T. Goals.
  • Keep stakeholders and key players aligned.
  • Turn plans into action via the MeisterTask integration.

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Got the Idea?

Plan a Project with Mind Maps.

Give your team the project planning tools they need to get creative. Let your team brainstorm ideas, then collaborate to refine your project planning online. Integrate your project maps with MeisterTask to turn ideas into action!

Align Whenever, Wherever

Remote Project Planning.

Just because you’re not in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t create epic project plans. With MindMeister’s collaboration features, project planning is simple. Anytime, anywhere.

Project Planning Online

Put Your Projects on the Map.

From your first project brainstorming session to your final presentation, MindMeister’s extensive feature set is perfect for getting the most out of your project plans.

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Three Steps to Better Projects

How to Plan a Project with Mind Maps.

Your project plan is essential to your project’s success. A good project plan should include your goals and objectives, budget and costs, resources, and specific tasks. Mind maps can help you plan concrete steps for your project and boost collaboration, creativity and flexibility in the process. With mind maps, you can streamline and improve any project – from simple to complex – at any stage in the process. Here are the three steps to planning success with mind maps:

Plan, Execute, Document, Done.

The Meister Suite.

Project planning is the first step toward project success. Use the entire Meister Suite to manage your projects from ideation, to execution, to documentation. It’s seamless, end-to-end workflow management.

  • Brainstorm with ready-made project planning templates in MindMeister.
  • Manage tasks and to-dos with MeisterTask.
  • Create specs and documentation in MeisterNote.

“We develop topics and ideas using mind maps in MindMeister. This is how, collaboratively across the entire bank, we are able to build solutions from ideas.”

Sebastian Kraft

Head of Organizational Development, Volksbank Raiffeisenbank (VR) Würzburg

Give Context to Your Ideas

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Securing Your Ideas

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