A New Way to Note It Down

Flexible, Visual Note Taking.

Note taking with mind maps is simple, effective and fun. Jot down your main ideas or keywords, connect your big ideas, then add context with images, videos, and document attachments. When you’re done, turn your visual map into a bullet outline in a snap.

  • Capture ideas quickly and visually.
  • Draw connections between ideas and concepts.
  • Toggle between mind maps and bullet outlines.

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Note Taking, Reimagined

Ready for Anything.

Note taking needn’t be a messy endeavor. With MindMeister’s infinite canvas, there’s always space for more detail, always the opportunity to keep sight of the big picture. Add new topics, organize your thoughts quickly with drag + drop functionality, and even share notes with colleagues or classmates.

Fit for Your Ideas

Mind Map to Outline & Back Again.

With MindMeister’s outline mode, you don’t have to choose between visual or linear note taking. Take notes in the style that suits you best, then toggle between views for ultimate flexibility.

  • Take quick, visual notes in mind map mode.
  • Add supporting documents, images, and more to each topic.
  • Toggle from mind map to outline and get to writing with ease.

Flexible Note Taking

MindMeister: The Features.

Whether you’re taking notes in a meeting, in class, or jotting down personal thoughts, note taking is easier and more fun in a mind map. Turn boring notes into a visual masterpiece with MindMeister.

The Best Way to Take Notes

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Everything’s Better with Mind Maps

The Benefits of Note Taking.

From work to school to home, note taking is part of daily life. Note taking with mind maps is a great way to record key information visually and can have huge benefits to your creativity and productivity. Better yet, with MindMeister’s Outline Mode, you don’t even have to choose between linear and visual notes: you get the best of both worlds! Let’s take a look at the benefits of note taking with mind maps in more detail.

“My brain doesn’t work in a linear way, but MindMeister helps me build connections, even across topics. It helps me express myself.”

Henna Brodkin, Graduate Student

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Give Context to Your Ideas

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Securing Your Ideas

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