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Don’t settle for messy notes on a whiteboard or sheet of paper. Online mind mapping makes it easy to brainstorm, organize your thoughts, and collaborate with others in your company or classroom. With an infinite canvas for your ideas, the only limit is your imagination.

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MindMeister: The Features.

Whether you’re a first-time mapper or an experienced enthusiast, MindMeister can teach you how to mind map and empower you to create intuitive resources for organizing, informing and inspiring your team. MindMeister’s extensive feature set fuels your creativity every step of the way.

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What is Mind Mapping?

Online Mind Mapping, Explained.

Mind mapping is a visualization method for written information. The key topic is placed in the center of the map, and related ideas branch off from this in all directions. Although you can mind map on paper, online mind mapping tools add a new dimension to the process: enabling real-time collaboration with coworkers (even remotely) and much more besides.

“‪Whether you have any experience with mind mapping or not, MindMeister makes it easy to brainstorm, outline and expound on ideas, concepts, and plans.”

Brett Terpstra

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Your Ideas, Mapped

How to Create a Mind Map.

Take your first steps on the road to enhanced creativity. Once you’ve signed up to MindMeister, creating your first map is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Start with a central idea

The central topic is the focus of your mind map. This can be an idea to explore or a problem you want to solve.

Add related topics as branches

Add the big categories that relate to your central idea. Each new idea branches out from the center.

Use styles to make it your own

Mind maps help you organize ideas visually. Use colors, images, connection lines and more to make your map structured and clear.

Give Context to Your Ideas

Add. Link. Integrate.

Our Mobile Apps

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Download our native apps to mind map wherever you are. MindMeister mobile supports real-time collaboration, automatic sync and more.

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